From the minds that brought you the extremely durable and highly reflective “Ladder Wraps”, here are the “Attack Wraps”

Always know the way into battle with the “Attack Wraps”

“Attack Wraps” are designed to provide an immediate reference for interior crews while also assisting with individual hoseline identification (red line, blue line, etc.)

Although nothing replaces effective training and coupling identification based on feel, its hard to argue the immediate reference you get in dark and smokey environments with the Attack Wraps.

Attack Line Pack includes 5 marked and 1 unmarked strip. Enough for 250′ of attack line, the pump panel and the nozzle.

Attack Wraps are constructed of highly reflective and adhesive 3M material with an added layer of laminate protection. They are designed to completely wrap the circumference of the female coupling of attack lines up to and including 2in. They will fit larger lines also but only in 10 inch sections. The arrows are positioned in a way so that they trim easily and cleanly trimmed to accommodate a variety of handline sizes. As we learned in fire school, the male connection always points towards the fire, so intuitively, when you wrap the female coupling, be sure the arrows are pointed in the same direction as the male connection.

Key Points:

  • *Highly reflective even at night or with smokey conditions

  • *If you can find a coupling, you can find your way in, or out

  • *Helps you create color coded lines without expensive colored hose

  • *Great in RIT operations to help rescue crews track progress or identify the line the missing member was on

  • *Blank piece can be used on the pump panel and the nozzle. Write pump pressures right on the material!

  • *Extremely durable, and placement on the female coupling helps protect them from wear

  • *5 color options helps you outfit and entire engine company with different color coded lines

  • *Colors are already in use on most pump manufacturer’s panels

  • *Many more!

Attack Wraps
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