Flag - We Will Not Celebrate Mediocrity

Firehouse Pride


About a year ago we had a pretty killer locker flag made up to hang in out gear locker. The simple reminder of "We Will Not Celebrate Mediocrity". Because it is not about just getting the job done... or just reaching that minimum standard. It's about being the best, striving for the best, not only for yourself, but for your crew, and to the community you all serve. Now when we put a picture up of the locker flag our inbox started to flood with requests for it to be put into production...

So here they are, you know the drill, don't sleep on these!

Here are the details:

- 3' x 5' indoor flag
- Grommets in every corner 
- Lightweight nylon
- Design printed on one side

Collections: Firehouse Pride Apparel

Type: Flag

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