"Second Hands" One-Man Large Diameter Hose (LDH) Coupling Tool

Firehouse Pride

Introducing the simplest and fastest tool for connecting and disconnecting large diameter hose (LDH). LDH means big water, but big water doesn't have to mean big problems. Say goodbye to Spanners with the “Second Hands" - The first One-Man Large Diameter Hose Coupling Tool in the fire service.

No more busted knuckles or spanner wrench fumbles, Second Hands is here to simplify your hook up needs. When fire’s showing, it can get awfully lonely at the pump panel but don’t panic for a partner - Second Hands has got your back.

Second HandsTM enables a single firefighter to easily couple and uncouple LDH, and quickly complete urgent and critical water supply evolutions. Intuitively designed for ease of use, this solid aluminum, maintenance-free tool weighs only five pounds.
Simply hold one coupling and place the opposing coupling in Second HandsTM. The tool securely locks the opposing coupling in a stationary position and activates the release lever enabling the firefighter to keep both hands on one coupling, maximizing grip and leverage, to easily connect or disconnect the hose coupling.


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