SSGT Christopher Slutman Memorial Sticker

Firehouse Pride


To commemorate the amazing life of service & sacrifice of USMC Staff Seargent, FDNY & Kentland Firefighter Christopher Slutman, this design has been created and is available for purchase as helmet & vehicle window size stickers. The helmet sticker is made from our highly reflective ladder wrap material.

Firehouse Pride is donating the cost of all stickers to the memorial cause so that your entire purchase price goes directly to the Slutman Family.  

Ssgt Slutman was killed in action, April 8th, 2019 while conducting combat operations in Parwan province, Afghanistan. Ssgt Slutman was assigned to 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve, deployed as part of Operation Resolute Support.

"To those that knew him, Chris was the embodiment of service & sacrifice - courage & commitment. A more humble and giving person you would be hard to find. He was a role model to so many that passed through the doors of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department. His beliefs were rock solid and he always led from the front. 
Chris was an inspiration in being true to oneself and chasing your dream. He left his career as a Firefighter in Washington DC to become an FDNY firefighter. He answered the call to serve later in life, joining the Marine Corps Reserve while working for the fire department. 
Despite his commitment to service & unwavering bravery, perhaps his greatest accomplishment of all was in the ferocity with which he loved his wife and three daughters. He was a shining example of what a devoted and loving husband & father should be. Although he left his mark on the fireground & the battlefield, Chris will be missed on the homefront most of all. 
In the end, what can you say about SSgt Christopher Slutman? Here was a man that gave without asking, who always led by example, and who loved 4 things without reservation: His Wife, His Daughters, His Fire Service & His Corps.
He will be greatly missed, but his inspiration and sacrifice will live on in each of us. God Speed Brother. We will not forget you." 

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