Pride & Safety You Can See

Our Firehouse Pride Ladder Wraps® are designed to combine pride in your equipment with safety & identification on the fireground.

VISIBILITY: Ladder Wraps are made with the highest quality, most reflective printable material 3M makes. Available in 5 popular colors, our Ladder Wraps surpass NFPA requirements for reflectivity & can be uniquely customized with your departments name & number.

DURABILITY: Never satisfied, we added an extra layer of protective laminate material for impressive durability at even the most fire hardened departments.

DEPENDABILITY: We use the strongest adhesive available, allowing the wraps to wear only in the most abused sections without peeling. Our wraps maintain product integrity, reflectivity & identifying properties even after direct fire contact. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Our Ladder Wrap material is UL Tested & Approved, NFPA Compliant and most importantly installation of our wraps will NOT void the ladder manufacturer’s warranty. The ladder tip portion of the wrap allows for easy identification from the ground, day or night, as well as highly reflective tendencies for interior crews looking for a way out.

The Method Behind The Madness: The original 48” wrap was designed to extend to the 4th rung on a ground ladder for the specific purpose of rapid ID & execution of the “Hook 2 – Grab 4″ bail-out method.  

FIREHOUSE PRIDE TESTED AND APPROVED! Our ladder wraps were put through the wringer by some of the busiest houses in the country. Over 100 fires, countless hours of drills, and the wraps are still going strong. We don’t cut corners with cheap material, Firehouse Pride demands performance.