Tool Marker Starter Pack Tool Marker Starter Pack
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New rig just back into the station with brand new equipment? Sick of getting your stuff jacked on the fire ground and want to get everything labeled? Don't know where to start? Well that is why we have the Firehouse Pride Tool Marker Starter Pack. We created these packs to give you a starting point to get all your equipment labeled. So pick your company, customize, order, and label... it is that simple! Each order is custom with your specified lettering and design. Choose from 6 color offerings & 6 font choices. Silver - Black - Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue Avenir - Stencil - Black Ops - Impact - Franklin - Copperplate Have a different color combination you are looking for maybe a wild font? As always Firehouse Pride is fully customizable, just type your wants into the "Special Requests" box and let us make the magic happen! ** IMAGE UPLOAD NOTE: When uploading image please use highest quality digital image file. High quality JPEG and PNG work, Vectorized PDF preferred. If a redraw needs to be done on the image an additional fee starting at $25 will be applied.